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Enterprise IT Training

Learn React, Angular and more

IT Training since 1993


Proven Courses

Our courses are taught frequently to development teams in the Bay Area and New York, as well as in Europe and the UK, so you can rely on their proven delivery record and maturity.

Deep Technical Expertise

With our experience using many programming languages, libraries and frameworks across both client and server, teams can be assured that their questions will be answered with the technical depth and practical experience they need.

Motherboard Installation

A Passion for Web Technology

A continual eye on modern web technologies and tools brings best practices and up-to-date approaches to your development projects.

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Visual Explanations

A picture can often be worth a thousand words! Diagrams help people understand where words might not. Our courses incorporate both in-slide and ad hoc in-person diagrams to help convey concepts quickly.

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Enterprise Web Development


Angular Fundamentals

3-day, Online or In-Person

This foundation course takes you through the practicalities of building a web application with Angular.


React Fundamentals

2-day, Online or In-Person

Learn the fundamentals of React using the latest "Hooks" approach. This two day course will take you from zero to building React components and applications by both understanding the concepts and putting them into practice. There are plenty of lab exercises to build your skills step-by-step towards building complete applications.


Vue Fundamentals

1 day, Online or In-Person

Fast track your immersion into Vue, a lightweight web framework that offers power and ease.

This one-day starter course will accelerate your Vue project development.

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Companies Recently Trained

Morgan Stanley
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About Peter Munro

Developer Team Trainer since 1993

Peter Munro is a professional speaker, software developer, entrepreneur and accomplished educator. He has educated audiences in IT worldwide since 1993.

He started programming at the age of ten on an ICL 4/72 mainframe, and later built one of the first ISPs in the UK. He has recently taught clients such as Morgan Stanley, Bloomberg, Intuit and other financial organisations.

In an increasingly web-driven world, Peter believes that the way the web is evolving is important. He has spoken publicly on topics such as node.js, the HTML5 Audio API, WebRTC, Web Components, and front-end frameworks such as Angular and React.

He focuses on web application development, and he develops web applications and delivers training for corporate clients in the US (east coast and Bay Area), the UK, India, Ireland and Europe.

Peter is the founder and CEO of Munro Training Limited. He has an over-energetic Springer Spaniel with the world's most annoying bark.

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